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ITIC’s CCIE Fast Track program is aimed specifically for people who already have experience and a CCNP. The focus is on CCIE exam preparation and lab practice. The emphasis is on honing your skills and improving your proficiency in dealing with complex core networking concepts, troubleshooting and configuring equipment to help you pass the written qualification and lab exam.

ITIC’s CCIE Fast Track Training Course Offers:

  • Intensive LAB Practice + Exam Prep
  • 8 Weeks Lab Tutorial
  • 300 Hours Lab in 3 Months
  • 4 CCIE Labs Available for Group Study
  • Instructors with multiple CCIE qualifications
  • CCIE exam prep materials


lmax forex trading Why ITIC?

  • Access to our advanced open labs, 20 hours per week lab time guaranteed
  • Best CCIE instructor team in the business! Experienced instructors with up to 4 CCIE certifications
  • Instructors walk you through various CCIE Lab scenarios
  • Real industrial case sharing, over 90% pass rate
  • Great location: Sydney CBD area (World Tower Building)
  • Unique Work Experience Program. Real hands-on work experience guaranteed
  • Free job referral by partner recruitment agents


Put your knowledge and experience to the test. ITIC will help you to achieve Cisco CCIE certification and accelerate your career.