Education Investment

How to invest your money?

Most people like to invest in property or the share market because they can see a return of 5% or 10%. Of course, if you want to make a riskier choice, you may get more return. Some of us like to invest in a business which is a greater risk and correctly titled, a ‘risk investment’.

Smart people invest in their education. ITIC has produced an education investment table that looks at the return value on education investment. Using the ITIC formula you can see a possible return of up to 300%.

Example 1

Sophie has an admin job with a salary of $30K. Just 3 to 6 months after investing $3850 to study in the ITIC 4 in1 package course, Sophie improved her skills and achieved a $45K job. 1 year later the return is $15K. Because it is residual income, 10 years later Sophie will earn $150K extra. The return ratio is almost 300%.

Example 2

Peter, who has an IT support role with a salary of $50K, invests $8800 to learn CCNP+CCVP. Six months after passing the exam, Peter can get a job with a salary of $80K. One year later, he can make an extra $30K. Ten years later, Peter will have a return of close to 300%. It is also residual income.

Example 3

Mark, who is a Network Engineer on a salary of $80K has invested $11,000 for a CCIE course and 1 year later, he got a job with a salary of $120K. His 1 year return is $40K. That’s almost a 400% return.

The job is a Network Designer in charge of a large organization’s network design. Mark not only got the salary he wanted but also the career he sought.