Employment Database

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As a valued member of the ITIC, we would like to announce that we are building up an ITIC employment database to meet the emerging requests of skilled IT engineers we received from our Support Clients and Partner Recruitment Agents, and would appreciate your feedback to assist us in shaping the database.

As an ITIC graduate, we believe you have no doubt moved forward in your career since graduated from ITIC, but we are keen to know what you may be seeking for your next career move. This will enable us to keep you up-to-date with relevant career opportunities.

We invite any ITIC graduates and current student who may be interested to participate. You are welcomed to submit your resume if you are not an ITIC student.

Please note that all responses to this survey will be treated confidentially. You may also like to visit the ITIC Career Centre to find out about a range of positions available to you as a member of the ITIC’s alumni community. No membership fees are involved and many of the events and activities are free of charge.

Click here to register at ITIC Employment Database.