Free IT Job Seminar: Graduation = Job?

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The IT job market is getting tougher. It has become more difficult for university graduates to find IT jobs. Only a few students have managed to find professional IT jobs within half year or even one year after graduation, many of them have to give up on their dreams of working in IT.

  • Where are the IT jobs for Uni graduates?
  • How to gain practical work experience before graduation?
  • Are IT certifications critical for finding jobs?
  • How to get job ready before graduation?
  • How to stand out from the crowd and win the job?


Event Date: Friday 2 May 2014

Event Time: 2:00PM

Venue: CSE Meeting Room 1& 2, Building 11, UOW Main Campus (Finger food will be provided)

Speaker: Wes Jin (Managing Director of ITIC, former Telstra Senior Network Engineer)

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