Guaranteed Job Placement Scheme

ITIC is pleased to announce the launch of its Silver & Gold Career Program.ITIC is a company specializing in IT training and IT support. Students benefit from our large customer support base and get Work Experience in Implementation and Support. ITIC is able to provide combined training and career services to help students fast-track their career and get employment in the IT industry.

  • Silver Career: 3 Months Training + 3 Month Job
  • Gold Career: 4 Months Training + 3 Months Job

Career Program:

Career Program Training Course Job Duration Guaranteed*
Silver Career

Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

VMWare Express Workshop

Help Desk OfficerServer AdminSupport Engineer

Network Engineer

3 months training3 months job Pass CCNA, MCTS exams3 months full-time paid job offer
Gold Career CCNA
CCNP Voice
Network EngineerVoice Engineer 4 months training3 months job Pass CCNA, CCNP, CCNP Voice exams3 months full-time paid job offer

Please contact ITIC office on 1300 008 001 or email to for any further enquires. Or attend one of our Information Sessions. Click here to register online.

*Terms and conditions apply.

To participate in the Guaranteed Job program, the student must pass the ITIC Assessment:

  •  Class Attendance:Over 90%
  • Minimum Lab time: 10 hours per week
  • Pass required certifications
  • Display good Communication Skills, in both written and oral form
  • Maintain a professional business manner
  • High standard of personal presentation

Students will receive a partial refund if he/she fails to pass the ITIC Assessment.