IT Career Experience Program

IT Career Experience Program
Course code: ITIC9015

The ITIC Career Experience Program is an 12 week work-preparation program designed for university students looking to get into the IT industry. The program features a 12-week IT-related internship placement. Participants have an opportunity for career development by completing training and a practical internship placement which complements their academic studies. The program adds value to the participants’ CVs and enhances their career prospects through professional and personal growth.

Program costs: $2999

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3 Core ideals for our IT Career Experience Program:

Internship: 12 weeks internship with reputable companies.

Upon successful completion of the internship participants will be awarded with a internship reference letter.

Mentoring: 1 to 1 mentoring sessions.

ITIC’s experience industry-based lecturers help students build up their industry know-hows and networks

Job Seeking: Job Seeking Assistance.

ITIC endeavours to find employment for our Students. We offer professional resume critique and interview coaching services to students.