Internships/Work Experience

ITIC endeavours to find employment for our Students. We also arrange Work Experience positions to help students get that important Experience. At present we have a number of employers who have Work Experience & Employment positions available. If you are interested in Work Experience or finding work, please advise the ITIC Office and provide a soft copy of your resume.

Work Experience at ITIC:

Work Experience

Some of our partner companies and support clients available for work experience:

Work Experience Companies

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  1. All students that attend our work experience program must to be pre-selected with a formal interview.
  2. Students have to pay the work insurance by themselves, if they work outside of ITIC.
  3. If any students fail the test during the work experience program, ITIC has the rights to terminate the work experience program for that particular student.
  4. Eployers can terminate the work experience program for a student if that student did not match the requirements.