ITIC Student Employment Success

ITIC Student Employment Success

“Your Success is our passion!” ITIC is all about getting you the IT Career of your dreams.

Qualifications, age, background or former experience is no barrier to success for the ITIC student. With the right training and job search guidance, hundreds of people are now enjoying rewarding technology careers – from assisting computer users in a help desk environment to managing networks worldwide.

The IT Job market is getting tough this year, with more companies choosing to outsource their IT services overseas. A large number of people are facing unemployment in the coming months. Despite the tough job market, our students still managed to find employment. Many of them are employed by major international companies. Congratulations to them!

At ITIC it is our priority to help you explore your career options and goals, and to ultimately find employment that meets your needs. We will continue to help more students achieve their career goals!

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