Reduced Costs/Improved Services

Since the GFC in 2008, it has become more difficult for companies to survive. The costs of running a business have gone up, and as a result many companies now choose to outsource their IT services overseas in an effort to reduce costs. However the downside of outsourcing is that the quality of service is compromised.

ITIC has developed a unique strategy to help companies save staffing costs without outsourcing. With our resourcing solution, companies are able save up to 30% using our local certified engineers.

How does it work?

As an IT training college and IT recruitment agent, we have access to a large number of IT engineers. All of our engineers are certified with CCNA and/or CCNP to ensure the delivery of quality services. All of them are fully trained not only with technical skills, they also possess a good understanding of the business processes and project life cycle. We have a resource pool and match our engineers based project requirements. After they have completed the project, the engineers will moved to a new role on another project. There are no fees for employers to use our resources.

Benefits of using ITIC Resources

  • No training required at any time – we will train the engineers for you
  • No on-going permanent engineer salaries – we move engineers to another position after finishing the contract
  • Flexible at any time – engineers available for immediate start at various locations across Australia
  • Without any additional cost – we will look after the workers compensation insurance
  • No on-going cost – contract based only
  • No recruitment fees

Some of our satisfied clients include: Yahoo, Supré, GRAL, IP Trading, K-Net and Westcon Group