IT Resources FAQs


Q: Given that your engineers lack work experience, how do you ensure that they will deliver satisfactory service to our customers?

A: Many of our students have completed an IT degree and generally hold qualifications from Cisco and/or Microsoft. In addition to possessing IT knowledge most of our students have excellent problem solving skills and multi-tasking skills. To ensure that our engineers are attentive to customer needs and demonstrate superior communication skills, a 2 day customer service training course is provided before they commence work at the assigned company.

Q: When can the engineers commence work?

A: Immediate start (within 1 week)

Q: Why is the labour price low?

A: Our students are willing to work at lower rates to gain industry work experience, which will assist the development of their careers.

Q: Are the engineers supervised?

A: All of our engineers are properly trained to acquire both technical and soft skills, and will be supervised by an experienced ITIC staff member at the initial stages of the project until they are capable of handling the project independently.

Q: If the company requires the staff for more than 3 months, who should they contact?

A: Companies that require staff for a period longer than 3 months are advised to contact ITIC to obtain a free quote.