Salesforce Administration

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  • Course Introduction
  • Module 1: Getting around the App
  • Module 2: Getting your organisation ready for Users
  • Module 3: Setting up and Managing Users
  • Module 4: Security and Data Access
  • Module 5: Customization
  • Module 6: Managing Data
  • Module 7: Reports and Dashboards
  • Module 8: Automation
  • Module 9: Managing the Support Process
  • Module 10: Summary spot forex trading definition سعر الذهب السعودية اليوم الخميس 03 07 2014

  • Price: Don’t pay $5000 for a 5-day course. ITIC offers a quality training for Salesforce at the best price. Exam fee is also included in the course fee.
  • Duration: ITICs course is over 5 weeks with 2 evening classes a week. This allows students to go and try out what they have learnt before attending the next class.
  • Additional Lab sessions: ITIC will provide the students access to the labs and the example scenarios online for 1 month after the course completion. This is important, because the students need to practise before writing the exam.
  • Exam Revision: The ITIC course includes an exam revision session with sample exam questions and a full mock exam under exam conditions.
  • Support: With the ITIC course, the lecturer is available to assist via email or phone after completing the course as you are preparing for the exam.

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