Salesforce – A Way to Advance Employment Prospects

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Today’s job market is more competitive than ever with recent statistics indicating a rise in Australia’s unemployment rate. With more people searching for jobs, those with additional skills will stand out to future employers. Salesforce certification is an excellent way to make yourself more attractive to potential employers.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. CRM software stores simple customer information like names, addresses and software, but it does not stop there. It also tracks customer activity, including phone calls, website visits and email. It sets up easily and does not require a large team of IT specialists to keep it running which is why many companies Australia wide have started using it.

What is Salesforce Certification?

Salesforce certification is available in four tracks. The Administrator track provides information on managing users, security and how to maintain or customise Sales Cloud and Service Cloud applications in the program. There is also an Advanced Administrator track that provides training on other aspects of the program, including extending and optimising Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. You also learn to design advanced reports, create dashboards and automate business processes. The Implementation track is broken into Sales Cloud or Service Cloud Consultant with each component focusing on those specific aspects of the program. The Developer Track builds custom applications, designs data models, user interfaces and customised security while the Architect track provides insight into designing technical architectural solutions using Salesforce.

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Improve Adoption

One of the reasons that more companies are choosing individuals with Salesforce certification is to boost employee adoption of the program. As with many programs, much of what is designed to do is lost when employees are unsure how to maximise its potential. Salesforce certification provides you with the expertise you need to use the program to its full potential. You will be the person everyone comes to when they have questions and management will be grateful that you developed the skills necessary to adopt the program properly.

Better Return on Investment

Another reason to become certified with Salesforce is to provide a better return on your employer’s investment. When the program is not used to its full potential, your employer is losing money. After certification, you are able to customise and maximise the use of the program so that it can be used as a valuable strategic planning tool.

New Release Information

As a Salesforce Certified Administrator, you will be one of the first to receive updates throughout the year. Salesforce releases updates through cloud technology several times each year and, because you are certified, you and your company receive those updates almost immediately. As long as your certification is current, you will receive updates in a timely fashion and will be able to deploy that release more quickly than those who are not certified would be able to do.

Hit the Ground Running

If you are seeking employment, having Salesforce certification on your resume will be a huge drawing card for employers with the program. Unlike someone who has limited experience or has never used the program, you will be able to hit the ground running as soon as you begin working. There will be less training necessary on the program. In addition, your advanced knowledge of the program could be extremely beneficial to the employer as you may be able to show them how to use Salesforce more efficiently.

Job Improvement

Another aspect of Salesforce certification is that you will be able to perform your job better. You will have excellent knowledge of how the program works and advanced skills that others may not have. You will be able to quickly manage customers and identify prospects more quickly than those who have not been certified. In addition, by maintaining your certification, you will always be able to use Salesforce strategically to get the most from the application.

Demonstrates Knowledge

Obtaining your Salesforce certification demonstrates that you have expertise and knowledge. Certification requires that you meet certain competencies and by completing the certification course, you show your coworkers and your employer that you have a strong understanding of the program. Certification also builds confidence as you realise that you have skills and knowledge that others do not have.

Increased Salary

As with any higher education, becoming certified in Salesforce can lead you to earn a higher rate of pay. According to a survey conducted by the Denver User Group, Salesforce experts who were not certified had an average pay of $93,479 AUD. Those who had earned certification reported a salary of $116,648 AUD, an increase of almost 20 percent.

Growth of Cloud-Based Applications

Cloud-based applications are growing and obtaining certification in Salesforce helps you tap into this increasingly important field. Research indicates that companies who have employees with experience in cloud-based platforms see smoother deployments and better use of Salesforce. However, it goes even further than your ability to use Salesforce. If you gain an inside understanding of cloud-based applications, you are more likely to understand other cloud-based applications as well. This can be a huge benefit to any employer, whether you are seeking new employment or are trying to advance in your current position.

Special Event Invitations

Probably one of the most interesting benefits of Salesforce certification is the ability to join private groups through social media sites like LinkedIn. In addition, there are many special events held throughout the world that only Certified Professionals may attend. This provides you with an opportunity to network and gain even more insight into this valuable program.

Certification is Simple

In order to become Salesforce certified, tests can be scheduled through Salesforce’s global network of testing centres when they have tests scheduled. You can also take the tests as online proctored examinations which are monitored through a web cam. There are specific requirements for online proctored examinations, so it is important to check your computer compatibility before signing up for those types of examinations.

If you are seeking employment or if you are hoping to advance in a current career, becoming Salesforce certified is one of the best ways to achieve those goals. You will demonstrate to employers that you have advanced knowledge about Salesforce and will be able to help them not only see a better turn on their investment, but grow their customer base as well as use the application to its fullest potential. Consider getting Salesforce certified today to improve your career and increase your salary as well.