Student Exam Successes

At ITIC we are committed to your exam success! See below a list of ITIC students who passed their certification examinations recently.

Congratulations to Edward for passing the CCIE RS Lab Exam on 11 April 2014!

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Other students who achieved Cisco CCIE certifications:

  • James CCIE RS
  • Charles CCIE RS
  • Charter CCIE RS
  • Simon CCIE RS
  • Donny CCIE RS
  • Brian CCIE RS
  • Hamid CCIE Voice
  • Tony CCIE Voice
  • Wei W CCIE RS
  • William CCIE Voice
  • Sam CCIE Voice
  • Toby CCIE Voice
  • Steven CCIE RS
  • Howard CCIE RS
  • Eddy CCIE RS
  • Scott CCIE RS
  • Nic CCIE RS
  • Richard CCIE RS
  • John CCIE Voice
  • Leon CCIE
  • Cui Shuai CCIE Voice
  • Ali CCIE Voice


Other Cisco and Microsoft Certifications:

  • Shihua CCNA
  • Zhiyong CCNA 2nd
  • Zhe CCNP S
  • Bowen CCVP: CIPT1
  • Bowen CCVP: CAPPS
  • Bowen CCVP: CAPPS
  • Giridharan CCNP: R
  • Giridharan CCNP: TS
  • Reza CCNP: S
  • Shuai CCVP: CIPT1
  • Alex CCNP: S