Testimonials 2

“Hi Wes,

This is Kamrul. I am very glad to inform you that I secured a job at Datacom systems. You were my source of inspiration for the entry into the IT industry. You were not only a teacher but also acted like my parent in Australia. You showed me how to achieve a job in this competitive industry. All the things that you have taught me I applied everywhere possible in my life.

Thanks for everything Wes.”

Kamrul – Service Desk Analyst

“Hi Wes,

I have got a dream job working on Voice over IP. Your advice is magic and helpful. You made my dream come true. Since I did your course, I have been busy with job interviews. You are not just a life instructor but also a kind friend of mine. You give me a bright vision and push me to become a stronger and more confident person.

Now my life is changing. Because of you, I can work on the job which I am interested with high reward. Because of you, my life has become colorful. I always think ITIC is not just a training centre, it is more like an IT club. Here, I made lots of friends who can share valuable information and knowledge. Here, I have got chances to demonstrate my talents and develop my both technical and soft skills.

There are lots of things that can be changed in this world such as jobs. However, one thing I don’t want change is ITIC. I hope I can stay with ITIC because ITIC can benefit my life forever.”